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Women’s Inflection Point (WIP) is a non-profit educational and result-driven platform that supports Women in creating their success path to achieve positive, “dramatic change,” in attaining one’s desired Wealth-Based Lifestyle organically.

Inflection Point

An ‘Inflection Point’ is an occurrence that results in dramatic and significant change!

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By: Trinity

My Mom (Rosa) sat listening while her Mother (Augustine) depicted stories
of ancestral dowries and land orders.
In a deafening moment She decided to recreate generational history
starting with her.
In all her glory of being a Woman.


In all her glory.
She prayed for my (C. Renée) seed with a different need of independence.
One that depended my decision to enhance my beginnings and recreate our legacy.
Waited for the sunrise to bless my face with the warmth of change
Opened up my dreams and invested in my destiny.
My Journey…, I must Share and help others…, It’s my purpose…….

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