About us

About us

Women’s Inflection Point (WIP) is a non-profit educational and result-driven platform that supports Women in creating their success path to achieve positive, “dramatic change,” in attaining one’s desired Wealth-Based Lifestyle organically.

Inflection Point = a turning point after which a dramatic change, with either positive or negative results, is expected to result.

WIP focuses on Three (3) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs:

  1. Food: Human Wellness
  2. Shelter: Housing Options
  3. Self-Actualization: Potential


To facilitate occurrences that incorporate WIP’s three basic human needs focus whereby a woman can unleash latent potential that also propel her forward to obtain a desired wealth-based lifestyle.


To cultivate and heighten women’s awareness of the importance of incorporating all dimensions of human wellness to experience life to its fullest possibility.


  • encourage women to dedicatetime educating themselves on tools, resources, information and products for sustainable and informed decision-making.
  • unharness the power of action-logic that positions women to take advantage of available opportunities that would otherwise go untapped.
  • inspire higher and deeper thinking, which in turn, propels a woman from merely existing and just simply surviving. A changed mind will activate her full potential to earnestly live life completely.
  • promote understanding that nurture and incorporate different areas of wellness to thrusts a woman to achieve maximum ‘wealth’ potential in all aspects of her life.
  • identify and develop collaborative, long-lasting relationships with coaches, consultants, counselors and experts that will aid in unleashing latent potential and result in desired outcomes that fulfills dreams.
  • learn and realize the necessity of taking better care of and taking time for themselves.


Since WIP has identified three basic human need areas, we strive to use resources and even concepts to start women on their journey to a complete wealth-based lifestyle.

  • For the most basic of needs – food (health and other human wellness dimensions).

We create environments that educate women on proper ways to eat and exercise so as to maintain and regain a healthy body; which is the first rung in reaching a complete wealth-based lifestyle. Not only that, but when presenting resources and suggestions to women, WIP takes into account age, diversity and culture.  Additionally, WIP can provide information on other key areas of wellness: mental, spiritual, occupational, financial, emotional.

  • Another basic need that we realize is necessary for women to reach that maximum lifestyle involves shelter (housing) and other Real Estate opportunities. Housing is indicative of a sense of security. It’s that dwelling place where a woman can retreat, raise a family and where her life happens. It’s designed to relax and satisfy her because it is a familiar place and it’s an environment where she functions naturally.

WIP comes alongside women and offers them resources, products, information and consultation, so that the home will be a true place of growth and refuge.

  • Once the most basic of needs are gratified then a woman can expand her thinking to include a real look at the world around her and discover where it is she fits or desires to fit. She can decide her future and work toward it.

WIP educates women with their decision-making so as to include values, beliefs, fulfillment and aiding others. These humble needs, once gratified can change life for a woman forever.

Our method begins with a pause from the treadmill of life for a day and a half. WIP will bring together women from all cultures for that short time to play host to them as they get some much needed me time and trigger inflection point occurrences.






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